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If you order prints your name and address will be passed to the lab in Scotland Loxley Colour.

sportphoto.wales values personal privacy and we will remove any photograph where the subject or the parents /guardian / club of the subject object to the image being used on this website.

 The cookies in use only provide very generalised information such as which pages you have visited and which city you live in.

If you set your browser to private browsing Google Analytics will not be able to tell even which city you are in.

sportphoto.wales will never send you any marketing information by email / post.

If you place an order on the website some communication will be received by you from Smugmug but only in relation to fulfilling the order.

Smugmug is based in the United States so if you do purchase from this website your personal information will be processed in the US. Please see the Smugmug privacy policy above.

Please use the contact form below or email us using the address below.

email: info@sportphoto.wales

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