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With Apple announcing that their professional photographic editing tool 'Aperture' is to be replaced with a new product coming out in 2015 many photographers will be considering to wait for Apple or to look at other products.

The definition brush in Aperture has been one of the main elements of my image post processing over the last few years since my photo mentor, Alex Lewis, told me about the tool.

If I were editing a large number of images I would 

- Crop

- Adjust the curves

- Add selective definition to the grass around the players and the boots, kit and hair of the players.

As the proud owner of a new subscription to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop I am now attempting to refine my skills with these tools to the same level as Aperture.

The tutorials produced by Adobe are very good and the Clarity adjustment can be brushed in which should solve my problems. My big hope from lightroom in terms of moving beyond what I could achieve with Aperture is the Noise Reduction options in Lightroom. Shooting sport inside if you have less than a Pro Body and Lens is tricky. I would love to produce some quality photographs of my cycling club at Newport Velodrome but it is just too dark for my current setup. My hope is that the Noise Reduction in Lightroom will give me some more options when shooting at ISO 6400.

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